Benji is a journalist and photographer based in Brooklyn. 

He reports on biodiversity loss and climate change, exploring how these issues intersect and impact human lives. Currently, Benji is a senior environmental reporter at Vox. You can find his recent work here.

Before joining Vox, Benji wrote about the energy industry as a senior reporter at Business Insider. He regularly broke news on Exxon and other major oil companies and reported on the meteoric rise of solar, wind, and other climate technologies. His writing also appears in National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon Magazine, and elsewhere. 

Benji began a Ph.D. in ecology at Stanford in 2015, but he left shortly after (with an MS!) to pursue journalism. He's originally from Iowa, where he enjoys chasing river otters, and lives in Park Slope with his dog, Jumanji.

You can reach him at or at